Fees and services

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Free 15 minute telephone consultation

We offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation so that you can discuss your symptoms and needs with a Nutritional Therapist, to help you decide if nutritional therapy is for you.

 Consultation – £145

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For this you will receive

  • Analysis of pre consultation questionnaire and diet diary
  • 60-90 minute personal consultation
  • A personalised nutritional plan
  • 7 day sample menu ideas
  • A selection of  20+ tried and tested recipes suitable for your needs and lifestyle
  • email and text support
  • Follow up 30 minutes telephone call after 4 weeks

Further Appointments – £55

  • 60 minute face to face personal consultation to review your progress
  • An updated nutrition plan with meal ideas and recipes

Virtual Appointments – £95

Due to the impact of Covid -19 and the need for social distancing, you can have your Nutritional Therapy consultation from the comfort of your own home via Zoom.


How it works –

You will be emailed the  Pre Consultation Questionnaire, and 3 day food diary for you to complete. Once this is done, it can be emailed back to me. At this stage I may contact you with extra questions in order that I can obtain the clearest possible picture of your current and past health story.

We will then arrange a 30 minute consultation either on Skype, Zoom, or on the telephone. Following this, I will  prepare and email to you, your Personalised Nutrition Plan and Food Plan. I will be happy to deal with any queries about the Plan by email, text or phone call.

Any additional 30 minute follow up sessions (Zoom) £40


Pre Conception Nutritional Assessment


To look in depth at you and your partner’s nutrition and lifestyle which can have a major effect on conception. This can be useful:-

  • Before you begin to try to start a family.
  • Or if you have been trying for some time and are wondering if diet and lifestyle changes might help.
  • Or if you and your partner just want to eat as healthily as you can with a view to being in the best nutritional state you can before starting a family

We will look at your current diet, lifestyle, current and past health issues and advise you specifically how to support your hormonal health. we can also advise you about nutritional and hormonal testing and supplements if appropriate.

Joint Consultation Package -ask for details

This includes

  • Analysis of pre consultation questionnaire and food diary for each of you
  • 1 x 60 minute joint session 
  • 1 x monthly follow up joint sessions- 1 hour
  • Individual Nutritional Plan
  • Joint 1 week Meal Plan 
  • 20 + Recipes
  • email support

Weight loss packages – bespoke

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Contact Tricia for details


Talks and Workshops

Tricia also provides Talks and Workshops to small and large groups, support groups and to companies that are looking to support their employees health. She is a speaker for the Women’s Institute and Fertility Network UK

Here are some examples of the Talks offered:-

  • How to eat healthily and improve vitality
  • Eating to beat stress
  • How to eat well to support fertility
  • How to give your body a detox – the healthy way
  • How to lose those unwanted pounds without losing good nutrition
  • Eat yourself young!

Other talks can be created specifically to suit your group

Fees by arrangement