Workplace Wellness

Nutrition for Corporates

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Wellbeing at work

  • Do your staff suffer from stress at work?
  • Is the health and wellbeing of your employees important to you?
  • Would a healthy workforce be a more productive workforce?
  • Do you want to play a positive role in your employees’ lives?

 If so, targeted nutritional education in the workplace can help, providing positive results for staff health and wellbeing, motivation, attendance and morale

Good Nutrition First offers practical, non-judgemental guidance on healthy eating, supported by current research not fads, with effective strategies for implementation including food ideas, recipes with a down to earth approach

We can provide

  • Breakfast and lunchtime seminars
  • Workshops as part of a Staff Wellness Programme
  • One-to-one nutrition consultations

All  tailored to the specific needs of your workforce 

Here are some of the talks that we deliver:

  • Healthy eating – What it means and how to achieve it
  • Good Nutrition – building resilience to stress
  • Eating for energy – How food can improve energy and performance
  • Eat to beat 21st century diseases like type 2 diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
  • Good Gut Health – How your microbiome influences your health and how to harness it
  • Sleep – Why we need it and the impact of our Circadian clock on how, what and when you eat.


 “Tricia provided a thorough and interesting seminar explaining stress and the importance of nutrition in a comprehensible understandable way, with realistic steps and guidance to improve areas of my life that I often struggle with including stress, sleep and physical fitness” – A L seminar attendee – January 2019

“Tricia gave us a very interesting and informative talk on healthy eating. She came to our meeting complete with healthy snacks, and some of the messages she gave us have stayed with us and are still a source of conversation with… [us.]” – C R February 2109 

Tricia Lowe, a former solicitor, now a qualified Nutritional Therapist, has a clear understanding of the pressures on today’s workers. GP appointments for health conditions related to stress are at an all-time high – they adversely impact performance. Improving health through diet and lifestyle changes can have a beneficial effect on people’s resilience to stress both in the workplace and outside. All you need is the knowledge ……….. Contact us at: